sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2007

How Strong Do You Think I Am

Alexz Johnson - How Strong Do You Think I Am

If I don't cry
Do you think I don't feel

If I look away
Doesn't mean I don't see
And just because I want
Someone when I'm alone
Doesn't mean I'm helpless
That I can't stand on my own

How far can we go before we break
How long can I wait

How strong do you think I am
How much can I take of this
Am I a rock or a rose or a fist
Or the breath at the end of a kiss
How deep do you wanna go
'Cause I'll go there if I can
You make it harder than it has to be
How strong, how strong do you think I am

It's so hard to tell
What's in your heart
What you keep to yourself
Is tearing me apart
Should I be afraid
To dream about you
If you feel the same
What you gonna do

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